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The Rules

USIC Brands™ is hosting an NBA 2K20 tournament May 16-17, 2020. The tournament is single elimination and will be held at USIC Studios. The winner receives a $500 CASH PRIZE and 2 hours of FREE STUDIO TIME at The U. 

Entry is NON-REFUNDABLE. If contestants DO NOT show up for your match you will not get your money back.

Tournament brackets will be posted May 15th by midnight.

Tournament Rules:
1 v 1 Single Elimination Tournament
May be played on the Xbox One or PS4 depending on availability.

I. Game Settings:
1. Quarter length: 5 minutes
2. Settings are default. Skill level is HALL OF FAME.
3. Instant replay and cinema cut scenes will be turned off.
4. All other settings will be default
5. Overtime (OT) will decide all ties..

II. Team Selection:
1. Players will have 3 randomized teams to choose from per match. Contestants are permitted to use any of the normal 30 NBA teams from the 2020 season. No special teams may be used.
2. Coin toss for Home or Away. Winner of the coin flip prior to the start of the game determines home/away team and choice of first or second team pick.

III. Additional Rules:
1. No pausing, rewinding, or delaying the game. If you perform these actions during the game, you must use a timeout as a penalty, if you have no timeouts remaining, an automatic turnover will be applied. If you are on offense, you must go out of bounds, if on defense, the next time you receive possession, you must go out of bounds immediately. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

Match times will be updated live on our instagram page @usicbrand.

Additional, yet Important Notes–

  1. Games will be played on 2K camera mode.
  2. Injuries will be on.
  3. No Action Replays
  4. Game speed will be adjusted to 65 for quicker matches.
  5. No 21 rule
  6. Players may arrive 20 minutes before their match but CANNOT stay to watch other games (we have to be safe and social distance…)
  7. In regards to rule #6, no more than 2 people per party.

In order to enter contestants must do the following:

  1. Follow the @usicbrand instagram page.
  2. Pay a $25 entry fee.
Tournament Entry is NOW CLOSED.